Montage Furniture Services (MFS) takes their customers' trust very seriously. We promise that we will do all we can to ensure that you will not live with compromised furniture.

We deliver on our promise in the following ways:

Financial Security: MFS protection plans are insured by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. an affiliate of The Warranty Group, the world's premier provider of extended warranty programs and related benefits for the auto, home, and consumer goods industries.

Service Promise: From the live customer service representatives who offer you prompt, courteous and knowledgeable assistance, to the professional technician providing service in your home, we promise that you will have a world-class service experience with MFS.

Value Promise: Not only do MFS furniture protection plans offer value when you have your stains and damage taken care of, you also benefit from valuable peace of mind. MFS protection plans give you the freedom to enjoy your new furniture. Live in your living room. Dine in your dining room. Play in your playroom. No worries…we promise.

You want to keep your new furniture looking new. You've found just the right furniture for your home and you want to keep it that way. Your purchase of a protection plan gives you access to furniture experts who can help keep your furniture looking good longer.

You like being able to get help when you need it. Our furniture experts offer live, fast and friendly service when you need help with a problem covered by your protection plan. You also can file claims online or via e-mail.

You know that you'll have your furniture longer than a year - the length of most manufacturers' warranties. Chances are, you will experience a problem after your furniture's 1-year manufacturer warranty has expired. MFS protection plans offer 5-year coverage on furniture.

You recognize that a protection plan could save you money in the long run. Just one technician repair or part or piece replacement will easily make up the small purchase price of an MFS Protection Plan.

You realize that you're not a spot and stain removal expert. The MFS customer service center experts will offer you products, tips and support for taking care of many problems yourself.

You like the security of knowing your furniture will be replaced if our experts are not able to solve your covered problem. No worries, no problem.

You want to relax at the shore and feel at ease with your furniture purchase, knowing that stains, rips, burns, and other accidental damage will be covered.

Protect your investment with a 5 Year Protection Plan from Montage Furniture Services.

Accidents Happen

            at the Shore, Too.